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The Amazing Cordillera! Expedition.


The Amazing Cordillera! Expedition. The Greatest Wilderness Horse Journey of Our Time.

The Greatest Wilderness Horse Journey of Our Time 56 minutes, Full Color, Best Documentary and Best Producer Awards.

TRUE ADVENTURE! Three men set out from the northern plains of North America with pack and saddle horses in an attempt to reach the Pacific Ocean. Twelve hundred wilderness miles, eleven mountain ranges, and twenty two river crossings later, only one of them reached Wrangell, Alaska. This is the fascinating account of the incredible journey. It was one of the longest, most rugged wilderness journeys ever – A truly great adventure of our time! Produced With The National Film Board. Filmed while on the actual journey. 1200 wilderness miles! The Hardships And the Joys, The Trail Life And The Incredible Beauty Of Remote Mountain Wilderness. Like The Book, This Movie Is A Very Memorable Experience. Award Winning (AMPIA)



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