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Vista Publishing began operation in 1983 with the CORDILLERA! Expedition. It was a unique beginning for a publishing company because of the wide spread publicity of that story. The Cordillera! Documentary earned Best Producer and Best Documentary film awards the story was featured in countless news, radio and TV articles and interviews. The Movie went on tour with Stan Walchuk Jr. and was shown in about eighty theaters, halls, and schools across the west, from The Edmonton and Calgary Jubilee Auditoriums and Vancouver’s Robson Square Theater to many town halls and schools. Because of the publicity the book was placed in all the large chain bookstores, Safeway, Food-Less, Overwaitea etc, were glad to have the book and so the decision was made to not go with an established Publishing House. With its own custom floor stand Cordillera! quickly became a Best Seller, and sells well to this day.

The TRAIL RIDING/PACKING/TRAINING BOOK, and the more recent DVD, filled the need for a ‘How To’ book on that subject and is by far the most complete book in that discipline. The release of the book coincided with the Blue Creek Outfitting Programs and the regular release of articles written through the years in several equine magazines, as well as Bowhunter magazine.

Satisfying niche markets related to the out-of-doors and horses while maintaining control over its sales and distribution has worked well for this modest Publisher. Common Man/Uncommon Life has taken Vista in a new direction, yet still all about the outdoors and horses and living life large – very large – there has never been and never will be a biography as wild and wacky and adventurous as Common Man. Vista is excited about its next release, expected in the spring of 2017, as it takes the company in a fresh direction.

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