Blue Creek Outfittings Trail Riding/Packing/Training DVD. The Most Complete Trail Riding and Packing DVD Ever – Guaranteed!

Designed for all Trail Riders And Packers. Methods From Across the USA and Canada.

This DVD is unique in that it has been primarily filmed on the trail, over several years, with help and film contributions from various trail riders, many who have taken the Blue Creek clinic and used Blue Creek horses. It has literally hundreds of facts, methods, tips, thoughts and techniques, gathered from many riders, guides and outfitters over the years. Although it is interactive – you can pick the section you want to watch – it moves quickly and is entertaining. Nine interactive units, more than 4 hours packed with valuable information and entertainment. A truly unique DVD!

9 Interactive Units

  • The Right Horse
  • Training and Riding
  • Saddles and Tack
  • Packing Methods and Gear
  • Packing Up
  • Knots and Hitches
  • Safety
  • Trail Tips
  • Wrangling

Interactive – Choose Your Unit


DVD Reviews

‘Your latest DVD Blue Creek Trail Riding and Packing is ‘outstanding’. Every detail about the horse, training, trail riding and packing is most informative, your demonstrations are very easy to follow – just like the 6 day Blue Creek Clinic my wife and I attended in July. If we had this DVD when we started with horses 20 years ago, we would have saved ourselves a lot of grief, pain and money!’     Ken and Arlene Eng, West Kelowna

‘I really enjoyed your DVD. I have been packing for over twenty years and although the packing section was my favorite I like the idea that I can go to different units to go over whatever interests me. The Scenery is just beautiful in the dvd and I found the Right Horse section very interesting – I really liked those Fjord type horses……’  Wayne Shimivu, Phelan

‘This DVD was loaded with very practical tips to make your trip enjoyable and trouble free. It is an absolute must- see……’      Rudy Dyck, Keremeos

“I received your DVD last week. Thank you. Although it is about four hours long I have already watched it twice. The BC scenery reminded me of my travels to this beautiful Province. It’s a fantastic guide to trail riding and packing. I also own your book on the same topic, a powerful educational combo.  You are a true professional…….’      Igor Polisczuk, Oakville

‘Hi, I loved your trail riding and horse packing dvd, great shots, very informative, easy to follow – loved the songs in between as well. The dvd is a great follow up and great winter watching – can’t wait to grab some horses next summer and do the next trip……’  Donat Koller, Salmon Arm

‘Excellent and very detailed instruction for everything and anything one needs to know about trail riding and packing………there could be interest for something like this in Europe…..’        Hamyo Thiel, Bournemouth

‘Send us ten more dvd’s. We ran out of the first six in three weeks and I haven’t had a chance to watch it myself! Had good comments from the ones we talked with who bought it.’    James, The Boot Shop, Edson

‘The DVD brings back a load of memories of our packing trips in Wilmore Wilderness and packing to the AncientWSWall in Jasper Park. The instructions are clear, well presented and easy to recognize the competence, skill and horsemanship in Stan’s methods. It was not only a great help with knots and hitches but how to pack a horse and confidence with travel. An awesome professional DVD.  A must for anyone who plans a horse trip anywhere!’    Cliff and Val Crickett, Plato

‘I am a former endurance racer who has fallen in love with the slower pace and scenery of trail riding. I recently watched the dvd and it is unique in that no other videos out there are a comprehensive in all aspects of safety, wrangling, gear, tips, knots and hitches, packing and horse conformation………’     Erin Gunoff, Vernon

‘Great scenery and even though I take many two and three day trail rides west into the mountains from our place in Calgary, I still pick up something when I watch the DVD. I can appreciate a lot of the information and understand how important it is because I have taken trips…… ‘     Bryce Ackerman, Calgary

‘As a keen trail rider I used your Blue Creek Trail Riding, Training, and Packing Book for several years to train my trail horses. So I was excited to see what you had cooked up in the new dvd – and the dvd delivered the goods. It was informative, easy to watch, and humorous, all at the same time. A great dvd to learn the ropes(literally)!’  Tania Millen, Terrace

‘An awesome video for riders of all levels. It was a truly a well thought out and planned video with breathtaking scenes to go along with it…….now I have the luxury of reviewing those important concepts before hitting the trail……. Thank you Stan and Marlene.’     Jane Dyck, Kamloops


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