Common Man / Uncommon Life is a journey of life so incredible it seems impossible

– grizzly bear charges, swept down rivers, bigfoot, brawls, lost on ice, lost in love, horses over remote and rugged mountain passes, and so much more. A life full of incredible hardships and joys. It is a biography of a person chosen for adventure, no one could have set out from early childhood to live literally over a hundred wilderness journeys. Like a loving mother and a mad dog, adventure has filled the lonely void in Stan Walchuk Jr’s life, and chased him down city streets, over country roads, down rivers, through mountain passes.
It begins normal enough, a child raised in a typical city neighborhood. But from the time he could walk the colorful thread that wove the fabric that is his life was adventure – one wild, hilarious or hair raising episode after another. This biography is written with a story teller’s voice that is at moments sensitive, at other times strong, but always distinct. Vivid prose so that readers see and live these adventures as if through their own eyes. Head on and face to face the serenity, drama, and cruelty of adventure.


Reader Reviews

This book has to be one of the most honest and captivating biographies I’ve ever read. Stan’s gifted ability to tell stories not only captivates you, but takes you to a whole different place. I couldn’t put the book down! Truly a remarkable piece of art written by an incredible man!   Danielle Lomas, Adelaide, Australia

I did not expect that an autobiography of this type could be so intriguing, even riveting at times, I couldn’t stop reading it ….Dominique Caron, Bellevue, Alberta

I have read a lot of these kinds of books including Stan Walchuk Jr’s book – CORDILLERA!  I was wondering, where is he going to take me now?    Wow!!!  I was not disappointed. This is a journey you don’t want to miss. A gold mine of personal experiences. Common Man/Uncommon Life ranks right up there with the best of them. Very revealing, a unique look into the life of a great adventurer. Vividly told from a life time of adventures and experiences, Stan Walchuk Jr is like a spider drawing you into the web and fabric of his life, and once there, you are hooked. Page after page is filled with never ending adventures both in the mountain wilderness and the exploits of everyday life. This is a book you will not tire of reading.    Paul Bonner, Camlachie, Ontario  

This is story telling at its finest. The way it is written I felt like I was right there for each adventure. That is based on one man is remarkable. The book could have as easily been titled, “LIVING ON TH EDGE” or “LUCKY TO BE ALIVE”.    Milt Gilmore, Jasper, Alberta

What a life packed full of adventure, every new chapter is another journey that left me wanting for more and more. Stan is a great writer and story teller.     Eric Jensen, Edmonton, Alberta

We just couldn’t stop reading this book, immediately drawn into the stories of childhood, the later years, and most of all the horse adventures. Full of intriguing encounters, a kaleidoscope of experiences some having your adrenaline coursing, others showing the deep bond and closeness to nature while on the trail. You only wish you could be there yourself! Jana and Rahel Goetz, Munchen, Germany.

Common Man, Uncommon Life is philosophical, compelling, and hilarious. At one level it is a commentary on life – riding with Stan in trackless wilderness, the deep dilemmas about life. But after travelling over mountain peaks and descending into nameless canyons, the commentary emerges engraved on pages to be savored and shared. It is about values, that more is not necessarily better; the discovery that people are more important than things; the revelation that standing for principles can be life’s supreme driver and motivator. It is about a boy’s coming of age, an outdoor journey of discovery bereft of iPads and computers. Simple times filled with human drama, well intentioned but high risk adventures – Huckleberry Finn lived out in the parklands and mountain wilderness. These are stories of raw emotion capturing feelings and uncertainties that we have all experienced, and expressed poignantly as only Stan can recount. There are also stories of triumph, of man overcoming the toughest of nature’s conditions, and of Stan achieving milestones that no one else ever has.  Gary Anderson, New Brunswick

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