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Vista Publishing began operation in 1983 with the CORDILLERA! Expedition. It was a unique beginning for a publishing company because of the wide spread publicity of that story. The Cordillera! Documentary earned Best Producer and Best Documentary film awards the story was featured in countless news, radio and TV articles and interviews. The Movie went on tour with Stan Walchuk Jr. and was shown in about eighty theaters, halls, and schools across the west, from The Edmonton and Calgary Jubilee Auditoriums and Vancouver’s Robson Square Theater to many town halls and schools. Because of the publicity the book was placed in all the large chain bookstores, Safeway, Food-Less, Overwaitea etc, were glad to have the book and so the decision was made to not go with an established Publishing House. With its own custom floor stand Cordillera! quickly became a Best Seller, and sells well to this day.

The TRAIL RIDING/PACKING/TRAINING BOOK, and the more recent DVD, filled the need for a ‘How To’ book on that subject and is by far the most complete book in that discipline. The release of the book coincided with the Blue Creek Outfitting Programs and the regular release of articles written through the years in several equine magazines, as well as Bowhunter magazine.

Satisfying niche markets related to the out-of-doors and horses while maintaining control over its sales and distribution has worked well for this modest Publisher. Common Man/Uncommon Life has taken Vista in a new direction, yet still all about the outdoors and horses and living life large – very large – there has never been and never will be a biography as wild and wacky and adventurous as Common Man. Vista is excited about its next release, expected in the spring of 2017, as it takes the company in a fresh direction.

Marlene Walchuk is the manager of Vista Publishing and has been a driving force behind Vista and the Blue Creek Programs.

Marlene is the manager of Vista Publishing. She was raised in Calgary Alberta. Marlene earned a Teaching Degree from the University of Calgary and has two years of Computer Softwear from DeVryimg007 Institute of Technology. Marlene first taught elementary children at Gift Lake, Alberta, then Grouard, Alberta, where she met her future husband, wild man Stan. They were married at Andrew Alberta near the farmlands dear to Stan’s formative years. If there was any doubt as to what her adventurous future might look like with her betrothed, those doubts were settled when Stan was late for his own wedding, getting a last minute call to re shoe the Clydesdale horses due to pull the wedding wagon. He rushed in through the doors of the small church, brushing hoof filings off of his tuxedo, to face a sellout crowd. Stan’s side of family and friends grinning ear to ear, not the least bit surprised, wondering if he would show up at all.

But of course the wedding and honeymoon was the beginning of the story, itself a chapter of comedy and perseverance from the book, Common Man/Uncommon Life. Marlene’s continued dedication to teaching, to the growth of Vista Publishing and Blue Creek Outfitting, and to life on the wild side with Stan, speaks volumes about her character.


Stan Walchuk Jr was born in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. He took his first solo wilderness trip at thirteen years of age and for nearly fifty years has been the consummate wilderness traveler. Best known for his remote horse journey’s, including the amazing one thousand mile CORDILLERA! Expedition, he has also taken many remote backpacking trips and canoed more than twenty wild rivers and lakes. For many years he lived summer and fall in the saddle. He is considered by many to be one of North America’s most prolific wilderness travelers.

Stan has written more than fifty articles for horse and outdoor magazines including The Canadian Horse Journal, Pacific and Prairie horse, Saddle Up, The Equine Trader, Western Horse Review, and Bowhunter Magazine. He is the author and producer of the best selling CORDILLERA! Book and DVD, and the Blue Creek Trail Riding/Training/Packing Book and DVD. He earned Best Documentary and Best Producer Awards for the CORDILLERA! Documentary. Through it all he somehow managed Biology(Zoology) and Education degrees from the University of Alberta. He has been a gas station attendant, car washer, chicken delivery boy, truck driver, construction laborer, surveyor, rough neck, habitat improvement contractor, guide and outfitter, teacher, film maker and writer.

Stan and Marlene raised their two children in McBride BC and presently operate the Blue Creek Horse and Guides Program. See bcoutfitter.com


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